• when I had a spell in hospital I got quite friendly with a 91 year old farmer we pasted the days away talking about his farming years and how farming had changed over the years

    he was born and brought up on a […]

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    our flower garden is still looking good thanks to my wife tending it the allotment has suffered a bit from being left to nature but again the wife has been tidying things up a little way to go yet

    all I can do […]

  • couldn’t even buy a paper potato sack for 9d these days Y/B and with Health and safety rules today its most unlikely that kids would not be able to work on the farm today :-(

  • when you have time on your hands because of things that happen in ones life I tend to reflect back on times gone by and in particular my farming days

    I bought a DVD on farming in the fifties and another […]

  • roly replied to the topic sweet williams in the forum Gardening Questions 2 weeks ago

    well done Allan :lol:

  • its beginning to look a lot like autumn the flowers are not looking there best and although the grass fields have come back from being  brown to a fresh green  looking field where cattle graze

    the fields that o […]

  • roly replied to the topic sweet williams in the forum Gardening Questions 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    come on Allan you know i’m on the ball :lol:

  • roly replied to the topic sweet williams in the forum Gardening Questions 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    good thinking Alan should solve the problem cheers :-)

  • as you know I’ve been away from my garden for some weeks now so I’ve been unable to sow any sweet William seed for next year

    is it to late in the season to sow sweet William seed in pots in the greenhouse?

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    morning to you
    what lovely replies you’ve made my day and you know its all about our eating habits these days because we where brought up to eat all vegetables that became available in the seasons

    so its no […]

  • its not all doom and gloom down the allotments this season with all what’s been happening

    because my wife had fist prize for the biggest marrow at the local horty show as I was unable to attend this year […]

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    thanks to you all for your kind replies I’ve got plenty of garden topics to share with you when things get a little better :good:

  • roly wrote a new post, hello all 4 weeks ago

    hi all

    its been a time since I was last on this site but as usual plenty to do in the growing season watering being the  biggest job to keep things going

    where very busy getting the garden open for the NGS […]

  • i can’t believe how our bean crops have done this year both runners and French have produced plenty of good beans many of witch have been put in the freezer

    also broad beans have cropped quite well better than […]

  • its been about thirty years since we bought our merry tiller I must say its given us good service over the years but I new it wouldn’t last this season as the engine was unfortunately worn out

    so after asking […]

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    quite rite plenty of good manure is essential we grew a tray of rhubarb from seed and planted a lot more on the allotments

    following our fellow gardener next plot to us Carol told us about rhubarb cordial and how to make it we found the rhubarb juice very refreshing after several hours in the fridge with soda water added Carol suggested we mix…[Read more]

  • due to the hot weather we are unable to plant out the rest of our brassicas plants all though there in pots and watered daily the ground down the allotments is very dry

    so until we get some rain it would be a waste of time even thinking to planting so basically how long can they survive in pots before either planting them or composting them :-(

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    i haven’t actually bought any tape seed yet but I was considering trying taped parsnip seed because I’ve tried several methods of parsnip growing tried paper pots I’m now trying growing parsnips in peat pots placing the peat pot in a plastic coffee cup
    as I said trial and error comes to mind

    I tries growing the seed direct sowing in the ground…[Read more]

  • roly started the topic sowing seed in the forum Gardening Questions 1 year, 4 months ago

    I was having a conversation with a professional gardener the other day and the question of seed sowing came up basically what seed he bought and from who he said he bought his seed from several suppliers but was using seed tapes rather than conventional seed was his preferred option

    having had good results from seed tapes he said he would be…[Read more]

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