• roly posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi All
    what a miserable day raining windy not working outside in so my jobs outside are all on hold just got over a bad cold all I need is another one

    my friend called round for a cuppa and a chat as you do on a day like this and we got on the subject of food and we come to the conclusion not many of the younger generation knows how to cook because these days every thing comes in a packet ready to cook

    well how many people actually buy a bag of potatoes and by that I mean 25k bag still with the dirt on same goes for veg all pre-packed ready to cook

    same with bread how many actually make there own we used to till we got busy and my wife said I ate it as fast as she could back it

    so we buy our bread loaf but I’m hoping we can go back to home back soon so where did things go wrong could it be this generation has a new take on cooking and eating or modern day working means no time to actually cook
    so I said to my friend I’m going to ask my friends on G’C what they think :-)

    • NB please excuse the spelling brain now in gear :lol:

    • My son[ and family, younger generation?] is a better cook than I am Roly … worked as a chef some years ago before computing took over! I buy only pasta precooked because I can’t be bothered with all the faffing and the space, and my best friend cooks bread so I don’t have to. And of course you’ll find many on GC who not only cook their on veg but grow them too … I furkled out four more little spuds today after that whopper at the beginning of the week :lol: Well, I guess you know the rest, except to say, that when youngest Granddaughter came at Hallowe’en she helped me to re-acquaint myself with baking cakes as I don’t do it very often…she’s a good cook too at the age of 12.

      • I’M afraid I can’t tar everyone with the same brush Ann but I think I’M going with minority rather than the majority of home cooks :-)

        • You may be right Roly … folks at work needing to save time’ and you said yourself ‘modern day working means no time to actually cook’ maybe you are right in that respect, but in my experience, as I said, it’s not so, so I guess we are the lucky ones :good: :-) :rose:

    • Hi Roly, I use all the veg I grow, I also did home economics at school, plus needlework and my mum taught me to Knit. I think as Anne says it’s a time thing,plus cooking isnt taught in schools and also a lot of new houses don’t have the garden to grow anything had some areas are losing there allotments. I hope it will change.