• roly posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    what a miserable day today raining windy not vinery visiting day but will have to go out bored staying in the house

    to cold to go in the greenhouse or workshop no heating when we came back on the bus yesterday we hade to divert because one of our villages on the way back was having a Christmas street market last night

    a friend of ours told us they had a great time shopping there last night

    talking about busses we are unfortunately loosing our bus service to the next town to us Daventry it ends January its a great shame because many retired people who no longer have a car rely on that service for many things including hospital appointments and some are concerned that other services will be cut like the Northampton and Rugby services

    its all don to the mismanagement of council funds by Northamptonshire county council that in my opinion need sacking the lot of them because I’ve never known a tory council to go bust its unbelievable how they managed to get in that state

    now because of there incompetence we all have to suffer