• roly posted an update 9 months ago

    its begging to look a bit like Christmas decorations a plenty Christmas tree with lights that holly wreath on the door yes its all coming together for another year

    have you done all that Christmas shopping endless miles walking around those stores shopping bags full to the brim couldn’t get another thing in that bag

    scores of mince pies bottles of sherry or other delights to sample I moderation of cause

    then there’s the turkey “haven’t you got one yet” don’t forget the pigs in blankets who thought of that one I ask myself

    anyway it will all be over this time next week and we may be a little worse for ware and a little less in the old bank account
    what have I spent that on “how much”

    and last and not least what’s father Christmas bringing you “keep it clean”

    so until tomorrow TTFN

    • This all sounds good Roly, can I come to you for xmas please? :lol: Have a great time :-) :fairysaysouch:

      • you know you would be welcome anytime Cilla :

        and I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year :rose: