• roly posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    its been a funny old week dull damp cold not really gardening weather but we managed to get down the allotments one day and spread some manure and pick a few winter cabbage

    had a trip out to Rugby one day on the bus had some retail therapy to boot payed our gardening subs

    still plenty to do outdoors little and often the greenhouses look damp and cold and they are damp and cold because there’s no heating
    had a few senior moments looking at the seed catalogues and then there’s the seed potatoes hat to order he says hand in deep pockets and short arms :-)

    and so we come to the end of another week nights seem to be getting a bit lighter unless that’s my wishful thinking so put another lump of wood on the fire and make a nice cup of Yorkshire tea TTFN