• roly posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    have you had any snow where you are I think we have been lucky to have missed much of the snow it came and went quite quickly here

    not like some places that have had quite heavy snow that has caused problems but then again this bad weather and disruption brings out the best in some people to help out stranded motorist’s find food shelter

    also you have to be careful with icy paths not to slip over we tend to keep indoors till lunchtime when most of the ice is melted on the paths and its safe to go down the village to do a bit of shipping

    for me spring can’t come quick enough

    • Hello Roly. We only had a few flakes but hard frosts so, thankfully, no disruption. I know what you mean about slipping, it is the one thing we all try to avoid. Yes indeedy, roll on spring :-) Stay cosy but it should be warming up this week. :-)