• Group logo of Growing and using Herbsronvalley added a photo 3 years ago

    • I know Al…I’m still nurturing a thousand Fuchsias ;-) Is that Sage and Thyme and do you use rooting powder and perlite?

    • Allan replied 3 years ago

      Yes its sage and thyme Hayl,I never use rooting powder on them because I take so many cuttings off them when I am cutting them for drying that a couple of dozen usually catch. I put some in pots in fresh compost and others I push in the ground around the parent plants. ;-)

    • Do you keep them inside Al if it’s wet this time of year Al? This is such a good way of getting plants for free and the GC’s charge so much for herbs :cowboy:

    • Allan replied 3 years ago

      The ones I take out of season,Like now,I put in the conservatory ,But any time through the growing season ,I put them straight in the ground,It’s surprising how many of them will take. ;-)