• Allan posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Been having problems for the last couple of weeks with I pad ,,,,Its gone now, Had a new one today ,,Went to program it in and get all my programs from cloud. They wouldn’t accept my password ,So I clicked to get a new pass, Which they were going to send me on my safe mobile number, They sent me a code ,But Vodafone has had no signal here all day and all night, So I mailed Vodafone ,Couldn’t get a reply from the mail, It came up for me to phone them ,How are people supposed to phone them if they are continually having no signal,. When my pay as you go money runs out now ,I am going to run out as well., I am lost without the pad, Its like a part of me is missing. :lol: ,,I have been with Vodafone since Danno had a phone the size of a telly on Hawaii 5 o ,But its never been so bad as it is now. :-(