• Allan posted an update 5 months ago

    Evening all Unusual for me to catch anyone on here, Well it’s belted down all day,with snow forecast for tomorrow, Some of my fuchsia cuttings have buds coming on them and the dwarf one Has flowered all winter outside, Have unusual mix of flowers open in garden,Crocus,snowdrops ,dwarf fuchsias and double daisies,

    • Weird ennit Allan :lol: You’d think it were quite mild out there :lol: :rose:

      • Yes Anne, Storms coming in from the West, 60mph winds on the coast, :rose:

        • Resilience? I can’t make head nor tail of it Allan … it seems to change from year to year, and I can only think ‘Climate Change’ and the marvellous strength and adaptability of plants …. what do I know :dunno: Maybe you and I also have slightly sheltered gardens …. both enclosed to a certain extent by house walls with micro-climates of their own perchance? Anyway, every time I see the next little flower peeping thro, or the long-tailed titmice coming back to the feeders I feel happy. :-)
          Nightnight Allan and good luck with your ‘travelling about’ :good: :rose: