• Allan posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Evening all,

    • Hallo Allan :high-five: Are you feeling a bit better and looking forward to the rugby this weekend ? ;-) :rose:

      • OK Anne, Lost the interest in the rugby for now, started watching the under 20s Just now,It was like watching paint dry, Seed planting tomorrow,Had the trays out in the rain this afternoon soaking, :rose:

        • Well done Allan … you obviously know how to feel better :good: It’s great isn’t it, getting the plants/seeds etc going. I hope that you get a sunnier day with you than we have had today, and I am relieved in some ways , that I intend to do very little until I get back from that little holiday, plus, I love watching the birds at the moment; they are beautiful. Nightnight :rose:

        • Most intrigued Allan, by the thought of soaking seed trays in the rain. I’ve never heard of it – what is the benefit?

          • rainwater for one Sheila!! It’s free :confused: :mad: :silly: and it’s better for the plants I am told, otherwise why collect it in stonking great barrels that stand around the peripheries? :dunno: :lol: Seems more labour-free too, but maybe not if you have to transport trays from one place to another … I like it :good: :rose:

          • Anne answered it Sheila,I have always done it after sterilising the compost in the micro,Rainwater has to be the best,No chlorine or fluoride or any other chemical added, :rose: