• Allan posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Morning all, The only time I get to say that is if I wait for twelve O clock, Out on the boat Saturday,It’s going to be a scorcher,Picked all my alderman peas,Had enough for twelve meals,After both eating them ,As you do, I remember when we used to go strawberry picking at Hereford,By the time we had filled the basket up ,We would have had enough stawbs for a while.Couldnt resist those big juicy ones that say EAT ME, Six sunflowers up about 8ft,,Don’t look as if they are going to have very big flowers though, The dwarf cactus dahlia seeds I planted are up about 3ft and are showing colour on the buds, The standard ones are up about the same without a bud on them yet. This hot weather has suited most of the plants,As long as they have the water in the evenings, Wonder when the hosepipe ban will come in. ;-)

    • Morning Al :-) we have an easterly wind here and it keeps the temps down but it’s still a bit hot. I’ll have to use mains water soon, I think. I’m watering the plants in pots and I don’t usually have to do that! HAGD

    • Morning Al, you’ll enjoy the boat on Sat, but don’t forget the suncream, hat and loads of water. :good: Your garden sounds like it is doing brilliantly. :-) Enjoy your day today.

    • Your post triggers lots of memories for me Allan – of growing Alderman peas that I couldn’t reach, and of picking strawberries as a young mother in Kent – out in the fields with a pram, and making 90 lb of strawberry jam in the evenings. Enjoy Saturday on the boat – at least it should be a bit cooler there.