• Allan posted an update 1 week ago

    GDay all, Battening down the hatches here,S Wales is threatened with the worse of the storm arriving Fri/Sat ,Up Too six inches of rain forecast,With 80 mph winds.Glad I took my bean canes down,,Leaves will be the problem blocking the drains though.☔️💦🚤

    • Hi Al, saw on the news that Wales are going to bear the brunt of it, massive amount of rain as well. :bad: Good move getting the beans down, I did the same yesterday. Maybe get your oilies and boots ready too. :good: You and Jul stay safe my friend. :rose: :clover:

    • gertie replied 1 week ago

      Crikey Allan … it was like that last night here, when we arrived!! :shout: … not even the same storm either.
      Take care :rose:

    • Fingers crossed for you, Al :fingers-crossed: