• Allan posted an update 1 month ago

    Late morning Anne, :rose:

    • Very late Allan, but just for once, no complaints, as I slept through the night without having to get up … brilliant! :lol: I think you lot, over in the west , have the brunt of nasty cold weather :excruciating: Any snow yet :-( Enjoy the day :good:

      • Allan replied 1 month ago

        Only on the mountain tops so far Anne, Went fishing in the Gower last night,But the wind and cold was too much,Had to pack in early, Fish and chips on the way home made up for it. ;-) ;-)

        • Good job you did pack up and eat lovely fish’n’chips Allan :lol: Don’t need you getting a chill for Christmas :fairysaysouch: :rose:

        • Blimey Al, it wasn’t the night to be out! Fish and chips was a great alternative. ;-) :good: