• Allan posted an update 1 month ago

    Late Morning all, Well the rain they promised us didn’t happen,I’ll have to water the beds today,I’ve neglected them for the past week, The broad beans are plastered in flowers,So it’s a bad time for them to be dry. The dahlias and runners have been out just over a week and have survived the couple of cold nights we had. All in all a good start for the season.

    • No rain here in the south Allan, only a light drizzle not enough to Settle the dust.

    • Hi Allan :high-five: … and I thought that you were having magical weather in Wales this week ;-) :rose:

      • Hi Anne, Thanks for the card, :good: Could do with the rain they promised us. How are the beans coming Along? :rose:

        • Hallo Allan … the sown-indoor beans are only just in this week … the outdoor ones will go in today or tomorrow. I can detect a swelling around the indoor ones so I think they are very happy beans :good: As soon as I have green I will put up pics :good: I too am hoping for showers but recent poor weather has just been wind and cold, neither very conducive to gardening outdoors for any length of time :bad: Anyway am soldiering on today. HAGWeekend and continuation of celebrations … why not ? :dance: :lol: :rose:

    • Hi Al :-) hope you’ve had a good day :-)