• Allan posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Morning garden clickers, Had a heavy day Yesterday of needle clickers, Jul keeps knitting baby cloths for the local C hospital, They sell them in the voluntary shop they have there, Too buy extra items for the wards.On a good day she will finish two, It uses all the odd balls of wool up and people keep giving her balls to use.
    • These look so sweet and how kind to knit them for such a good idea, brings back memories of 57 years ago? Will have to check if there is anything like this in this area.

    • Morning Al. Good for Jules, they are very cute. Stay safe in another chaotic weekend :-)

    • That’s very good of Jul, Al :love: When I had Finn all the little premature babies had tiny hand knitted hats that had been made for them because it is difficult to get such small sizes and they especially needed them. They were so sweet.

    • Morning Al :-) Good for Jules! And I’m sure it’s all appreciated. Say hello from me :-)

    • Morning all,She finds that it keeps her fingers from stiffening up , And it looks like its a blue week, They will be mostly pink next week, She does the premature baby ones as well, I cant get over how small they are. ;-)

    • They are beautiful, really beautiful :love: I wish that it were possible to knit beautiful things like this tiny enough for the Teds too :lol: :rose: