• Allan posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    This autumn I have 14 chestnut trees and 12 copper hazels to plant out in the hedgerows,It won’t compensate for all the years that I have cut timber up at home and in Africa, But it will help,I have another 30 copper hazel nuts to plant now and some horse chestnuts ,I planted thirty trees out last year,Not counting the ones I gave away.,Every little helps.

    • That is brilliant Allan…I can’t catch you up, but I have pots around GGHJ of tree seedlings which I will take to the woods one day and plant. I used to pull up the baby Sycamores and chuck them away, but since the parent tree has been cut down I nurture each one I find to likewise replant somewhere in woodlands.
      Super :lol: :dance: :love: :rose: :rose:
      • Well done Al, if we all did a quarter of that it would make a huge difference. :good:
          • Brilliant Al. We need all the trees we can get especially after the wanton destruction that HS2 is causing 😭
          • Morning Al :-) Fabulous and a beautiful outcome every time!
            • Allan tell us about he trees you cut in Africa?? :rose:
                • We were building bridges on flood relief Anne,And we were cutting down Mahogany trees for bearers, I’ll put some photos on later, :rose:
                    • Oh, thanks Allan … I can see how that would have affected you :-( Look forward to the pictures :good: Nightnight :rose: