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    Be careful out there Clickers! … Laters :rose:

  • I wish that you could come too Sheila … you would love it; it’s a lovely, nearly wild place in the midst of London: we are so lucky to have it here. :clover: :love: :rose:

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    Morning clickers from another gusty day in Essex. Don’t plan on doing much outside as it is not very nice. Will do a bit of research into trees for the front garden. Pic below is the space – excuse the ratty looking grass. We sowed it October last year and I thought it was certainly dead by heatwave this year. It was very, very brown and…

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    • I’d be all for productive trees, Jenn – if I knew just how many mischievous children walk past your front garden every day. I say this because in spite of having a very comprehensive orchard at home where we could freely help ourselves, we also on occasion went scrumping from a neighbour – and they didn’t really taste sweeter. Your only hope if…[Read more]

    • Can’t help re the trees I’m sorry to say , but that grass looks remarkably well kempt Jenn….you are doing a fine job on it in these inclement weather times! :rose:

    • Decisions, decisions, though you could always go for the crab apple and another apple tree. The crab apples make good pollinators for most apples. :good: And I’m with Anne, the grass doesn’t look bad at all! ;-)

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    Hummmmm, may have spoken a smidge too soon, Foyle Bridge closed and just heard part of the M1 is closed due to a fallen tree. Just been out to rescue a couple of large pots and it is definitely a tad breezy. ;-) Stay safe all. :-)

    • Get the coffee pot on, Karen. Morning lovey, stay safe :rose:

      • The coffee is on constantly Jenn ;-) Just had to go back out and rescue a blueberry in a mahousive pot! :confused:

    • It talked of 70mph on the weather forecast your way Karen :-( so take care :good: :clover: :rose:

    • Quite gusty here too when I went out to bring the dustbins in, and check the GH is properly shut down.

      • Aye, a few hooligans with major attitude about Sheila, just got boinked on the head with an airborne apple, so have beaten a retreat, and joined the furry purries on the sofa, will gather the windfalls later. ;-)

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    Morning all, bit breezy out there for us in the south , for all of you further up the country and across the water stay safe and don’t get blown away :love: :rose: :-)

  • Absolutely brilliant photographs, Anne – but I expect nothing less – the whole blog was quite lyrical. I wished I could walk there.

  • He sounds okay Jane :good: :rose:

  • Off to get a coffee – lovely to see you all this morning – have a good day :-)

  • He sprays his crop, as you would expect, Anne, but doesn’t cut the wild stuff near my house nor his huge trees on his side of the ditch alongside my garden, for which I’m grateful.

  • It was a lovely walk again Jane … can’t wait to get back :-) I wonder if the farmer’s field edge Teasels will now multiply as the Teasels shake their heads :lol: Let’s hope the farmer doesn’t get too ‘ […]

  • VegVamp posted an update 3 hours, 3 minutes ago

    Morning Clickers, bit of a breeze now, but nothing too serious yet so hopefully the forecasters are over egging it again. ;-) Pool is closed for a gala this morning and it is tipping down so might have to do the ironing. :confused: How bad can things get. :disappointed: :lol: Have a good day all. :-)

  • Lovely walk, Anne :-) Teasels are magnificent! The farmer’s field has always had a couple on the edge since I first planted one in my garden ;-)

  • Thank you Cilla :-) I want to go again today and shake some Teasels as Allan suggested. I hadn’t realised that they were biennial either, so that explains why the ones in the fields are there in full force. and […]

  • Morning clickers :-) very breezy again already – hope you’ll all be safe today :-) Planted my winter lettuce seedlings in an empty tomato bed in the g/h yesterday – pleased with them. Will do the other leaves today, I think – pak choi, rocket, mizuna and such like. Determined not to have to buy leaves over the winter. My neighbours’ greengages are…[Read more]

    • Morning Jane.,I must plant some more leaves too. Bought rocket is always so tough :-( Greengages are yummy, you will enjoy those :-) You will have to go on slug patrol with your torch. I found two snails…..would you believe they eat the tough leaves of a sedum? They didn’t get a flying lesson last night, I put them in the compost heap to get…[Read more]

      • Oh Cilla!!won’t they lay eggs into the compost and grow babies to eat your seedlings when you next put out the compost around the garden?? :excruciating: :rose:

      • Morning Cilla :-) they’d be welcome to my sedum as it never stands up straight ;-) Must water all the pots this morning after that wind yesterday and more today. Does nothing for my hair either :lol: Is Maureen B still surviving?

    • Morning Jane, well done on the “leaf” sowing, you’ve encouraged me to do the same – might find some room shortly. :good: And wowser on the greengages, imagine not wanting them! :mad: Bummer on the PSB though. :disappointed: Have a lovely sowing day. :good:

      • Morning Karen :-) they gladly took my spare courgettes (and there were many) but they don’t seem to like fruit – something unbelievable that! Yep, get the winter salad in :good:

    • good morning Jane :high-five: Sorry to hear about your Purple Sprouting,what a pity :disappointed: You have inspired me however and now the clearing and re-vamping of the cold frame is a MUST. I want to try Winter leaves for salads myself…never done it before
      wish me luck :lol: :rose: and HAGrD :love: xx

    • Bugga that slug! Got no respect for that solitary seedling, doesn’t appreciate that it has struggled onwards when fellow seedlings have faltered and died – hope the d*mned slug choked on it.
      Think your neighbour with the unwanted greengages must be mad – but it will enable you to eat them in various recipes every day after the courgette lasagne.…[Read more]

      • Morning Sheila :-) my language was at least the same as yours! Never had greengages before moving here and very nice they are, too. Three or four huge trees on the lane, in the sunniest spot, just waiting for me… Hope yesterday went well for you.

        • you lucky, lucky gal …. mmm greengages :love: :love:

        • Could I entreat you to pick a large quantity and donate them to the nearest foodbank or lunch club? We are all struggling at the moment with increased demand and smaller donations – and a couple of foodbanks up here have closed because they have no food to give out. But anybody eating the stuff we give out must long for some fresh food. I’ve…[Read more]

          • When you first started at the FB, Sheila, I looked for where they are in Lincs and I’ve just checked again. Unfortunately they’re miles away from me. The lunch club idea is good – I’ll ask at the shop.

  • cilla posted an update 3 hours, 24 minutes ago

    Morning all. An ambulance has just raced down the close, blue lights flashing :-( OH may cut the front leylandii hedge this morning before the wind and rain arrive. I have the chiropodist later but may do some deadheading and propagating today. Stay safe our lovely northern clickers, I hope that storm soon passes. :stormy:

    • Morning Cilla, oh dear that is always a bit of a worry on the ambulance. :-( Not sure the wind is going to be that bad to be honest Cilla, feels like more scare mongering. :bad: Certainly not a storm here, just an autumn gale, wind might be 35/40 mph at most at the minute. Have a good day. :-)

    • Hello Cilla :-) better to have your feet done than your hair in this weather! I can’t remember your leylandii at the front – is it between houses?

    • Good morning Cilla – must say I feel a bit like Karen about over-hyped weather forecasting. The trouble is that we will all have stopped paying any attention when a really bad storm actually comes along. There was a lot to be said for “stiff upper lip” and British understatement.

  • Thank you Karen :clover: :rose:

  • Think we must be experiencing the calm before the storm just now – it’s utterly still (and dry), and I’m finding it hard to believe that “killer winds” will materialise. It’s a pain in the neck though, because even the possibility has been enough for daughter to call off our plans for outside. Had a bit of a shock this morning on rising, until I…[Read more]

    • :lol: :lol: Morning Sheila. Oooops on the beetroot shock. ;-) The wind has picked up quite a bit here but still not as bad as we were led to believe it would be, do wish they would stop doing that. :angry: How did you get on yesterday?

      • Morning Bean…….I know what you mean with the beetroot :lol:

      • Quite a large group from all over Ayrshire and Arran – several youngsters hoping that it might help them to get work by looking good on their CV – and several oldies like me, including an 80 year old man with a walking aid. Take my hat off to him, he’s certainly not giving up! Quite interesting content, and a free ticket for lunch in the…[Read more]

        • Sounds like a good mix of people which is great. :good: Do you know when you will be starting yet?

          • Some of the group have apparently been waiting for the training since May – and the person handling placements is going on holiday. She will be dealing with us on her return “first come, first served” – so hopefully before the big C.

  • More lovely photos Anne, thank you :-)

  • Rich and busy indeed Anne, a lovely blog. :good:

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