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  • Thank you Tony for that information, I will be getting started soon all being well. :good:

  • Hi Tony thanks for that information, I see you don`t use grow lights until after germination. I usually start seeds off in a propagator in the greenhouse, which works pretty well, I am never too sure what to do after germination. Is it best then to remove the seedlings or do they need to stand in the propagator for the bottom heat with the grow…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that Ali, I am growing more of my own plants from seeds now, not that I need so many plants but I find you have a much better choice and at least they havent been brought on just for the Garden Centres so when you buy them they dont always grow on very good. Plus it is an interest, I am not an expert at it but I keep asking questions…[Read more]

  • Thanks Allan I have had quite a lot of messaging with Tony over the last few years mostly about growing spuds in tubs of which he is the expert I think, following his advice has certainly improved my yield a lot. I noticed he was on here a couple of days ago, I commented on his post, I will ask him about lights.
    Whats got me thinking about lights…[Read more]

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    Hi Tony, nice to hear from you again, hope you are keeping well in these strange times. Hopefully things will be better next year. :fingers-crossed: :good:
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      I like it Dixon :good: :lol:
      • Hi Jenny yes I will have a look at some of the websites. it was just a thought really and was wondering if anybody else had tried it.

      • Evening all. I am at the moment altering my home made propagator to make it a bit taller and renewing the polycarbonate sides. I try to grow bedding plants from seed as some of you will know having seen my efforts on here. I have never thought about lighting before, just set the seeds off and hope for the best. I do struggle a bit with seeds like…[Read more]

      • Thanks Cilla, you could be right leave well alone. I might just have a look for a bigger pot as you suggested. The reason I fed it was watching Monty one night he suggested that growing shrubs in pots required feeding every two weeks, but you know Monty a bit over the top as you have proved by not feeding at all :lol: I think I will follow your…[Read more]

      • Evening all, thank you for your replies, I had thought of a larger pot, but the only thought I had with that is, is it going to get much larger? I think the pot it is in is around 450mm (18″ in real money) I have grown it in ericaceous compost Cilla and fed it with ericaceous feed every couple of weeks or so and as you can see it has really…[Read more]

      • I have a Pieris growing in a pot, it has done very well for the past 2 or 3 years but it is now getting a bit too large, I have no room to replant it in the garden but would like to keep it in a pot but I am not sure whether I can hard prune it without killing it off. Can anyone suggest the best option?

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        Hi Lyn I have just put my order in to the weatherman for an Indian summer so that should be fine. :good:
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          My runners and french beans still have quite a few left on but they don’t look very good. It doesn’t matter to much though as we have frozen some and haven’t got any…

            [Read more]

          • Still raining here in sunny Scarbados, started Thursday night rained all day Friday, faired up a bit this morning and down it came again just before lunch and it’s still at it. :pissing-down: I wouldn’t mind so much but we have a Northerly gale with it, everything in the garden is just battered down. I have just been out to pick up my hydrangea…[Read more]

          • Happy Anniversary Anne, hope you both have a lovely day, maybe doing a bit of weeding or something just as exciting :lol: We are not far behind you it’s our 54th in December time goes on it doesn’t feel that long to me. :drink:

          • Brilliant day today, raining at 6 am and has rained all day 7pm, so not a lot done, but let’s look on the bright side all my water barrels are full for free. The wind hasn’t been so bad but the rain is so heavy it’s just flattening everything. When this lots blown over I think a big clean up will be called for.

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            I hadn’t heard of this before reading it in the paper I thought it had just been discovered, typical papers.
            • Has anyone read this in today’s paper regarding poisonous courgettes? apparently dozens of people have been affected by these described as a rogue batch of homegrown courgettes. The 64-year old chap suffered sickness and diarrhoea and even hallucinations as a result of toxic squash syndrome. He only swallowed a small piece as ther tasted so…[Read more]

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              Thanks Cilla I will give it a go, I will check on G/W and I will try to be patient honest :lol:
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                I am delighted at the way it lasts Anne.
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