• Frank AKA seasider posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    I planted up 3 hanging baskets today 2 petunia and 1 trailing geranium, first time I have tried geranium so here’s hoping. I haven’t hung them up yet as although the sunny weather is lovely we still have a very cold east wind and very cold at night. Also planted today 4 cucumbers in G/H. Runner beans are coming on in G/H ready to go in cold frame to harden off, I don`t usually plant them out until end of May as I am not sure how much cold they will stand so play it safe. I see Allans pic with what looks like runners are doing well maybe I am too cautious :fingers-crossed:

    • They usually go out on my birthday the 15th Frank,But they were getting a bit leggy,So I took a chance with them,

      • They look fine to me Allan I used to sow mine a bit earlier and had the same problem ie getting leggy before it was warm enough to plant out so now I delay sowing to about end of April beginning of May ready to plant out end of May.

    • My hanging baskets are outside hanging, and I have bush tomatoes planted in tubs flowering outside – but am alert to the possible need to bring them indoors overnight. I have been hardening the Rhondda Blacks off for days and am desperate to get them planted up – but I’m chicken…….

      • I have done another trailing geranium today Sheila I have not hung them up as yet stood outside on buckets. We have had some very cold east winds lately which catch the front of our house where the baskets are going, it looks like they are moving to another direction now so I will hang them up in a day or so.I have to refix the brackets as I took them down last year.