• Frank AKA seasider added a Photo 6 months, 1 week ago

    • See my comment above Frank.

    • Looking good :good:

    • Nice job there Frank. :good:

    • Hi Walt & Allan Thank you for your comments, I don`t know if you read my response last night as I was having all sorts of problems trying to upload pics and even comments, these are two old pics I was using to see if my latest files had a fault, they went on ok but I still was unable to upload any more, then I couldn`t upload comments so I called it a day. It seems a bit better today so I am trying to solve the picture problem. :confused:

    • Frank,If you took them with a new camera,There might be too many megapixels on them,The program will time out before it can copy them, If I try putting a picture on that is 12 million pixels,It won’t upload, So I reduce them to upload,I am guessing that is right ,but ask Karen to make sure, ;-)