• Frank AKA seasider added a Photo 1 month ago

    • Broom & Dogwood gone mad this is one seasons growth from small plants, I will have to move them .

    • That’s fascinating Frank, and don’t forget the odd seasonal differences most of us have had too :good: Nevertheless, your garden planting has been fabulous :good: :rose:

    • I do like that combination offluffy bright yellow and spiky green though…pity it grew too big for you :disappointed: :rose:

    • As you can see on here Anne the Hydrangea paniculata fits in fine as this can be cut back each year so no problem and also the Choisya stays compact so I will have to choose more carefully next time,ie take a list instead of just picking up what I fancy, roll on spring

    • I second that last comment :lol: :good: :rose: