• Frank AKA seasider added a Photo 4 weeks ago

    • Cucumbers have done well this year nearly all ready at once as usual

    • cilla replied 4 weeks ago

      Evening Frank. My Sungold tomatoes ripened early and my Moneymaker are ripening daily BUT my ciucs are useless and looking at yours I have cucumber envy ;-)

    • I grow the small cucumbers about 8″ long I prefer them to the long ones

      I grow the short cucumbers from seed Cilla and tried to spread the sowing so as to have them following on, however the early sown ones were slow growing and the later ones were faster so as usual all ready about the same time.

    • Which ones do you grow Frank, I prefer the small ones, but haven’t found one I’m happy with.

    • Lovely cukes, Frank :good:

    • Thanks Jane, I grow them from seed they are a short variety about 8″ long called Passandra this is the 3rd year I have grown them, still trying to spread out when they mature but up to now I have failed. There is always next year :good:

    • They are Passandra Lyn from Kings seeds I grow from seed, I haven’t found any garden centre who sells these.