• Frank AKA seasider posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Still raining here in sunny Scarbados, started Thursday night rained all day Friday, faired up a bit this morning and down it came again just before lunch and it’s still at it. :pissing-down: I wouldn’t mind so much but we have a Northerly gale with it, everything in the garden is just battered down. I have just been out to pick up my hydrangea which is growing in a large pot. Apparently we have just had the worst August on record, I certainly can’t remember one as bad as this. Today was supposedly the start of the sailing regatta but no chance of that today as the sea is breaking over the harbour walls, more like January gales. Roll on September we might get an Indian summer :notacloudinsight:

    • Evening Frank, weather the same here in Norfolk, almost no colour in the garden & the dahlia’s have taken such a battering!!! Indian summer for September and October would be great👍
        • Hi Frank. It is awful weather, I lost my runner beans in last week’s gales and it is cold :-(
            • My runners and french beans still have quite a few left on but they don’t look very good. It doesn’t matter to much though as we have frozen some and haven’t got any space in the freezer for anymore. We will just get the best of them off as we need them and compost the rest. It’s a better day today Cilla but still a cool Northerly but easing off now hopefully a bit warmer tomorrow.
            • Hi Lyn I have just put my order in to the weatherman for an Indian summer so that should be fine. :good: