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  • Jenn posted an update 1 hour, 52 minutes ago

    Morning clickers. Cold and sunny for us in the East – those of you in the west are bearing the brunt of this weather for us. Don’t worry, when the wind swings around to the east, as it will do soon, we will know about it. Will get outside for a little while today🙂 HAGU🖒

    • Morning Jenn :-) think we’re at the top end of the clear blue sky at the mo. Just been outside but it’s bitter! Wrap up warm – no chance you won’t really :-)

  • Morning all, there’s this big shiny thing in the sky, giving of brightness and causing me to turn lights off and feel events so optimistic& uplifted even :giggle: we have :notacloudinsight: yippie, the bed linen is out on the line as we have a nice breeze for drying :good:
    Have a afternoon stint at the nursery today, so veg& chicken…[Read more]

  • Saw a programme about the Galloway Forest and surrounding area last night, Mick – and thought about you. I don’t think it’s where you are, but it’s a sight nearer. Hope life is good just now, and the weather isn’t interfering too much with your work at the moment. I’m just off – but I wanted to say hello before I went. Waving……

  • cilla posted an update 2 hours, 58 minutes ago

    :-) 👋👋

  • Some work due in December for handing in on Friday has just arrived ;-) Must get on. Have a good day and be safe :-)

    • Jez, why do they do that?! Good luck with it Jane. :clover:

    • What on earth would these daft students do, leaving everything until the last minute, if you were absolutely chok-a-blok and simply couldn’t squeeze their work in? They must have childlike faith in you, Jane – it’s quite touching.

    • Morning Jane, is that the December coming!!! As the others have said just as well you are on the ball. Hope you get a chance to take five with a coffee :good: :rose:

    • Morning girls :-) I forecast it would arrive this week ;-) Fortunately it’s a short one and I’ll be rounding up my figures when the bill goes out ;-) HAGD

  • I will spare you a full description. Suffice it to say that it took me about 5 minutes to get my knickers on this morning, and I probably won’t bother to put on any more clothes this morning, because the most comfortable position possible is lying flat on my back. I pulled my back yesterday at the foodbank, and it may take a couple of days to…[Read more]

    • Good morning Bean. You have my empathy having suffered numerous bad backs during my gardening career. My physio told me to lie on my front on the floor, arms at the side which relaxes the spine…….of course you then have to find a way up again. But lying down for long is not good. Ibroprufen should help. I hope it gets better soon as it is…[Read more]

      • Would not dare get into that position, Cilla – I’d never get up again. As it is, I am only upright by virtue of pulling myself up using the full strength of my arms. The phrase “beached whale” springs to mind.

    • Morning Sheila :-) I really feel for you with your back! I hope it doesn’t take you too long to get upright – I can only remember my own recent experience. Try and walk around every half hour or so.
      Glad to hear about the trees.

    • Oh cr@p, deepest sympathy Sheila, that is horrible. Have to say I did wonder what was coming when I read your 2 opening lines. ;-) Take it gently. :clover:

    • Oh Bean, just take it easy, hoping it will ease as the day goes on, a hot bath possibly?
      Enjoy making your plans for your newly acquired space, I love planning it in my head and on occasion putting pen to paper. Sending lots of get well wishes your way. As it’s snowing indoors is the best place. :rose: :rose:

  • cilla posted an update 3 hours, 36 minutes ago

    Morning clickers. It brightened up after breakfast yesterday so we had a walk round Quorn and looked at the houses and gardens. Did the washing but not much else. Today we are meeting Liam and Liz at a little GC near Uppingham. There is an art gallery attached to it with some beautiful paintings……will we be tempted? Then to Uppingham for lunch…[Read more]

    • Morning Cilla :-) I opened the door – cold and windy – may or may not have a little walk in a minute ;-) Have a nice day in Uppingham – sounds a lovely place :-)

      • Most of the little Rutland market towns are lovely old places and have big private schools. We met the chef of Uppingham school out walking with his dog at Calke one day….a Liverpudlean with a great sense of humour ;-)

    • Morning Cilla, I’ve just had a quick look outside and it is deeply horrible here, so have beat a hasty retreat and refilled the coffee pot. ;-) Your day sounds way more interesting than mine. :good: Enjoy. :rose: :clover:

      • Morning again Karen. If you can walk safely then I should go for it and take your camera. If I can’t get outside at least once a day I am like a caged lion :lol:

        • Am enjoying present mental picture of you pacing up and down like frustrated lion – and at least I now understand the need for all those haircuts…..

    • Sounds like a interesting day Cilla, I hope you have some sunshine to accompany you today :rose:

  • Morning clickers :-) glad to say no snow here but it’s forecast. Hope nobody gets much of it. More reading for me today but I’ll also make a parsnip and carrot bake thing for dinner tonight. Hope you all have a good day :-)

    • Morning Jane. I’m hoping it doesn’t reach the east too. Will you have your bake with something? It sounds rather nice. Are you reading a crime book? OH says if you are going to be a weather forecaster you have to wear a “frock” and be an actress too :lol:

      • Morning Cilla :-) sausages – I have a delivery from a local place today :good: I’m on the first of the Merrily Watkins series (by Phil Rickman) as I read one from the middle and quite like it. It all happens around Hay on Wye. Tell OH that means I can only do radio forecasts as I will never ever ever buy a frock as they don’t really go with…[Read more]

        • He he. I don’t EVER wear frocks or skirts as they don’t go with varicose veins :lol: I’m on the 5th Kim Stone novel by Angela Marsons.

    • Definitely like the sound of your parsnip and carrot bake Jane, what way do you do it? Full on blizzard here at the minute. :confused:

  • RIP Dolores O’Riordan – Cranberries

  • VegVamp posted an update 4 hours, 1 minute ago

    Morning Clickers, snow’s arrived, sigh. :-( Doesn’t seem to be lying at the minute but it is freezing, so will check the road before I head off for an early swim as I don’t fancy snow over ice on our wee roads. Getting more than a little pee’d off with this weather, the ground is still sopping wet. Ho hum, that’s my bitch over for today. :lol:[Read more]

    • Morning Karen :-) hope it doesn’t get worse for you but the forecast wasn’t good – it’s possible the snow will reach the east today :-( Definitely check the roads! Once more, I’ll be staying in. Can’t even skip or I’ll end up on my backside! Have as good a day as possible :-)

      • Good morning Karen and Jane……looks like Karen has “slipped” off though. Be careful Karen on those roads. :-)

      • Morning Jane , forecast is dire. ;-) But not sure that it is actually that bad. If I don’t make it to the pool I’ll maybe pull out my sailing boots and go for a walk – going stir crazy here. ;-) Noooooo, no skipping in the snow, much too painful if you slipped. :bad: I find I don’t bounce as well these days. ;-)

    • Think you are a model of self-restraint, Karen. We all know if I wanted to go for a swim and couldn’t, we’d all be sick of hearing loudly about it by now. But do hope you are not going for a walk along the road, where you might meet a skidding car.

      • Morning Sheila, our wee roads are pretty quiet, and lots of grass verges I can leap onto. ;-) I’m hoping it might improve later though. :good:

    • Morning Karen, you do seem to have had a bad run with the weather lately, at least if it’s frozen or covered in snow, it’s not to muddy and soggy!!! Stay safe :clover:

  • Walt posted an update 12 hours, 49 minutes ago

    OH said that I was singing this in my sleep last night :-)

  • Walt posted an update 14 hours, 26 minutes ago


  • Walt posted an update 15 hours, 27 minutes ago

    Any ‘Desert Island Discs’ requests? ;-)

  • Well, it’s stopped raining but of course it’s quite dark now so can’t think of doing anything outside. When I went to close the gate earlier I nearly ended up on my backside as it was so slippy! Anyone had nice weather today?

    • hi Jane :high-five: much the same here I think, a short, sharp downpour around 13.00 and then a gradual lightening of the heavens!
      this evening, we had a pretty sunset. :rose:

      • Sunshine and Showers … Was planning on going round the Botanic Gardens today but had to go to youngest daughters as had the Vet coming to her horse… Then oldest wanted us to pick up her new tumble dryer and vacum cleaner after so by the time we had delivered those it had started to rain again… His Jeep gone wrong again so good thing for him…[Read more]

  • Afternoon all, rain most of the day, some heavy, I lived in hope that the sun was going to make a semipermanent appearance at lunch time, it appeared but very briefly before the sky greyed over and it rained!! Chores and a quiet cuppa with some classical music in the background, very up market. Pilates this morning after a 4 week break, it hurt,…[Read more]

    • Afternoon Lynn :-) we have the same weather – just had a rainbow, keep having to turn the lights on and off, very squally… Fingers crossed it clears up for tomorrow!

  • dixon posted an update 21 hours, 19 minutes ago

    Afters gang, back from a week end in Southport with men friends, a day in Liverpool which I like apart from all the down and outs, just about every street corner, seems to be an epidemic of them :-(
    Going to start off my block onions this afternoon. :-) Quite sunny here at the moment. :notacloudinsight:

  • gertie posted an update 23 hours, 42 minutes ago

    before I sign out I see you Walt @raggedjack :high-five: HAGD :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 23 hours, 49 minutes ago

    Well, it’s been raining all morning, but I swear the :notacloudinsight: is trying to butt in, so :fingers-crossed: :lol: HALD All :rose:

  • Jenn posted an update 1 day, 1 hour ago

    Morning clickers from wet, dark Essex. It is hissing down and set to hiss down most of the day so I can’t carry on with the garden tidying I was doing yesterday. Spot of housework and some reading, I think. I haven’t any compost so can’t sow my chilies :-( Roll on Friday :-) HAGU whatever you are up to :good:

  • Beanstew posted an update 1 day, 2 hours ago

    Could feel the car being blown about by wind gusts, and the rain was battering down on the way back from curtain adjustments last night – and in fact it looks a good deal calmer up here now than it was last night. I finally got a quotation for doing away with the sorbus, and the contractor will be doing the work in the near future. He’s…[Read more]

    • Morning Sheila :-) glad you got back safe and sound and I hope the curtains look wonderful! Excellent on the sorbus – did you decide about the cherry and the fig? Slow roast sounds divine – we’re having a red pepper thing! Enjoy your day!

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