Frank AKA seasider

  • dixon posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    @seasider did you get the pm about light frank? new prop still under construction.

  • @seasider .. You are NOT alone !! thought this thread might hit a nerve .

  • dixon posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Frank hows things?@seasider

    • Hi Dixon
      I am very well thank you, I have not been on here for quite some time as we sold the house last August and moved to a bit smaller house and a lot smaller garden, so last year was a right off as far as garden went what with the house been on the market and not knowing when or if it would sell.Anyway I have spent all the time since the move…[Read more]

      • Hi Frank, nice to hear from you after so long but understandable after your upheaval. Its a nightmare moving. I was in Scarbados today and passed that cracking shot you took of the bay. Are you still in Filey?

        • Hi Dixon
          I used to live on Cornelian Drive overlooking the sea for 31 years but the garden was all uphill and 150` long, although I was managing it ok at the present I thought I was`nt getting any younger and watching my elderly neighbours struggling with their gardens we decided to move before we got to old and cound`nt be bothered, then probably…[Read more]

          • Hi Frank, I google Earthed where you now are looks a good area sounds a lovey view point, the bypass was just under construction when google took the photo, like the idea of the tiered garden.
            dixon :good:

            • Hi Dixon
              Yes we like it up here we are at the seaward side of the bypass near the top of Osgodby Lane opposite Seafield Ave. We are still doing jobs in the house I will get round to the garden eventually, never mind there is no rush now we have the house liveable got the lounge to start decorating next then new kitchen around May time then thats…[Read more]

            • Hi Frank,
              It looks a nice area, we pass it regularly on our way to Scarbados, will have to pop and pester you when you get turned round if thats ok. Dont forget the befor and after photos. :good:

    • Hi Dixon sorry I have been so long in answering, I have`nt been on here since, I got my new greenhouse up last week not managed to put anything in yet. I will just have a few toms this year.. We have a new kitchen coming next week so I will be busy putting that in with the help of my son. After that just the lounge and dining room to decorate then…[Read more]