• shedsue posted an update 6 months ago

    Good afternoon gardeners…Not been on for a while but it a struggle to get on at work and i ban myself from the computer at night. Anyway all is fine at Glebe semi although a bit wet. The sun is out today though and I am sure I can start gardening soon. Hope everyone is fine and dandy xx

    • Not many about after the early bird rush Sue. ;-)

      • Looks like I need to be an early bird then Al ;-)

        • Hallo Allan and Susie :high-five: :high-five:
          I seem to be an in-the-middle bird!! I miss the early birds and come along too late for you as well :-(
          Be cheered :-) it’s officially Spring very soon :dance:
          HAGA what’s left of it :love: :rose:
          But anyway good day to you both :high-five: :high-five:

    • Hello Sue, Al and Anne :-) Been a gorgeous day here. Must sow some flower seeds asap – keep putting it off. Have a good evening all :-)

      • Hi Jane … am getting closer, but not done it so far ;-) It was starting to drizzle when I went downstairs into GG, so I just brought up some small pots ready for the garlic … feel incredibly weary for some reason, so leaving that until the next sunny day :-) Very glad you’ve enjoyed a gorgeous day … at last eh! Let’s keep :fingers-crossed: for tomorrow :good:
        Have a lovely evening :rose:

        • Been a great day, Down to the seaside,Fish and chips,Then garden centre and six sixty litre bags of compost, I change the soil in my bean bed every year,I dig it out and spread it over the other beds ,topping them up. It will take three bags of compost. ;-)

          • WOW! Allan! you really are beating the Spring :lol: … bravo :good: Makes my one bag’ the other day, dwindle into insignificance :mad: :silly: :lol: :rose:

            • I already had six bags here for the troughs ,I’ll put the BF+B on first then top the beds up. :rose:

            • Er, right :good: ;-)
              okay, what do you mean exactly? :lol:

            • Before i top the raised beds up with the soil from my bean bed,I spread blood fish and bone over them,Then I spread the same in my bean bed but add chicken pellets before tipping the 180 litres of compost on it, :rose:

            • Ahhhh, of course! blood fish and bone … silly me :excruciating:
              Thanks Allan. :lol: :rose:

    • Jenn replied 6 months ago

      Hi Sue. Miss you lovie :high-five: