• Ginnybean posted an update 1 month ago

    Well didn’t get to the Royal Welsh on the Monday as by the time we had dropped of the Granddaughter of it had gone1pm so we went for a trip of to the Elan Valley… Took some great pics… Went to the show on the Wednesday and had a good day… Met up with the Daughter and Granddaughter… Didn’t get to see the Horticultural tent though… stared…[Read more]

    • cilla replied 1 month ago

      Morning Ginny. I expect you saw lots of my favourite Red Kites in the Elan Valley, beautiful place. It sounds like you’ve enjoyed yourself but a shame about missing the produce.

    • Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves even if you did miss the tent Ginny. Enjoy your dog & pony sitting and stay dry! :-)

    • Hello Ginny :-) sounds like you’re having fun – hope you don’t get the expected horrid weather. Sometimes it’s a good idea to start the wrong way round :lol:

  • Ginnybean posted an update 2 months ago

    Going up to the Royal Welsh tomorrow/today…cant sleep tonight… taking one of Granddaughters up as she is competing later in the day… Feel a bit guilty going as is also the oldest Grandsons birthday, and we usually are there for him… We will have to make it up to him on Tuesday… Booked to go to Malvern , will soon be here… Not got to…[Read more]

  • Ginnybean posted an update 2 months ago

    Thankyou for your comments.. Enjoyed today with oldest Grandson and hubby to watch the MGA horses world games in Carmarthen.. Had Chinese when got home…

  • Ginnybean posted an update 2 months ago

    Well work has decided I need to go on the sick despite me telling them I am fine….. After my flare up in May which cleared up quickly I had a reaction to my tablets which affected my neck and shoulders.. stopped the tablets and problem solved… Other people were telling the boss of the problems the odd days discomfort and despite me trying to…[Read more]

    • Morning Ginny, every cloud has a silver lining :good:
      Not sure what your Dr can do apart from issue a sick note, as your boss sent you home, very unusual as most bosses don’t usually get that involved, unless the illness or accident was done or caused by work!! you self certify for the first week, or has that changed?
      I’d just go with the flow…[Read more]

    • Goodness that is strange Ginny, a boss encouraging sick leave! As Lynn says just go with the flow. :good: Hope it works out the way you want. :rose:

    • Hello Ginny :-) Does sound strange but make the most of it and enjoy the local Arts Trail when it’s on :-)

      • Morning Ginny, strange indeed but I agree with the others, make the most of your time off :-)

    • I can understand why you feel miffed Ginny, but as the others said, enjoy the work break and good luck with all the surrounding shenanigans involving pay etc. and have a happy holiday :good: :rose:

  • Sunlight through the trees… hopefully….

  • Ginnybean replied to the topic May Photo competition in the forum Group logo of PhotographyPhotography 4 months ago

    Number 4…..

  • Ginnybean posted an update in the group Group logo of PhotographyPhotography 4 months ago

    Lets try and find photo number 4 before I go to work…
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    Here goes photo number 3…

  • Ginnybean replied to the topic May Photo competition in the forum Group logo of PhotographyPhotography 4 months ago

    Success… lets try again…

  • Ginnybean replied to the topic May Photo competition in the forum Group logo of PhotographyPhotography 4 months ago

    Lets see if I can find and post some pics…. Here goes..

  • Ginnybean posted an update 4 months ago

    Watered the garden this morning before going to work…. Hear they are saying a heat wave…. When I went to Aberglasney last year during the heat wave they were watering using a stream…. When we went a couple of weeks ago the stream was dry… What are they going to use this year? I had a Rhumatoid flare up after the weekend but o.k now……[Read more]

    • Oh you poor soul :disappointed: … is it painful, like gout Ginny? Hope you stay better for the Summer at least! :love: :rose:

    • Hello Ginny – hope you’re ok. Have a good day off next week :-)

      • Morning Ginny. Sorry to hear about your flare up, very painful :-( Enjoy your time off :-)

  • Ginnybean posted a new activity comment 4 months ago

    Cars sorted and not too expensive….. The weather was good… Managed to not buy any plants but got some nail clippers that work on Hubbys nails…..

  • Ginnybean posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hoping to go to the Spring show at Builth this Saturday and the open garden at Glanusk on Sunday… Daughter going up to London so will be taking Grandkids…. Hope weather is ok…. Got to have the brakes on my car done before then and still get to work Thurs and Fri… O.H car needs its MOT done as well…. Don’t get paid till Monday…. If…[Read more]

    • Morning Ginny, you were up early, or very late. ;-) Lovely to be getting to the show and an open garden, so I hope the weather holds up for you- and the cars don’t cost the earth! Enjoy yourself. :-)

      • Cars sorted and not too expensive….. The weather was good… Managed to not buy any plants but got some nail clippers that work on Hubbys nails…..

    • Morning Ginny :-) hope you enjoy the show and garden :notacloudinsight:

  • Ginnybean posted an update 5 months ago

    Had a good day at the Cardiff show with 2 of the Granchildren…. Ethan came home with 2 Strawberry plants… I resisted as I still have not planted the last purchases…Other half picked up some plants for free from the local Supermarket surplus distribution centre… They too are waiting to be planted… They are all flowering well and look lov…[Read more]

    • Oh Ginny … I remember the Cardiff Show so well … you must have had a lovely day :-) :rose:

    • Hi Ginny, good to hear from you and I envy you being at the Cardiff show, such happy memories. :good: Glad you had such a lovely day. :rose:

      • Hi Ginny. Lucky you, my sister and husband went as well. Happy memories of our first clickers meeting indeed :-) I hope you get those plants in soon and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Ginnybean posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Wet and windy here… 1 of my daughters went to a horse show today and the other is driving up to York before going on to the Lake District…. We are dog sitting… Still not planted out my plants bought t’other week… Still coughing but not as bad… Working tonight….

  • Ginnybean posted an update 7 months ago

    Well back to work tomorrow.. My new plants sitting out in the front garden ready to plant …..4 Double primroses,2 Daffodil pots, 5 herb pots on Saturday.. All enjoyed at Farmyard Nurseries…. Today we went round the NBGW then called in a farm near by and bought some Snowdrops, Tulips and Anemone’s… Next day off is on Friday but I will have to g…[Read more]

    • Morning Ginny, lovely having new plants to put out, something to look forward to when at work. :good: Enjoy your day. :-)

    • Morning Ginnybean :-) glad you had a good time – those plants will keep you busy :good:

  • Ginnybean posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    On Holiday this week so trips out on the cards…. Went to Aberglasney on Saturday… The Botanic Gardens yesterday with our oldest daughter and oldest Grand son…The Snowdrops were amazing….. Went to Llanstephen today with the Grandson… bit damp but we enjoyed… We are going to the Farmyard nurseries Winter show with all his lovely…[Read more]

  • I just repeated my last years resoloutions …To try and keep contact with the family, to try to keep healthy… and to make more effort to keep the house and garden tidy….

  • Lovely pics….. Mainly Starlings and Sparrows are what I get to my feeders….. My Daughter had to stop feeding as she was plagued by Rats… She still gets a good variety of birds though…… and Squirrels w […]

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    Left a message on FB but feel I should leave a massage here too… So sad … Will always be with you in your hearts and memories…. Not logged in for ages but was only thinking of you all yesterday…. Shame it t […]

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