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    Busy week this week then I am on A/L for a week… The Winter Fair at Builth at the beginning of the week and Aberglasney Winter Fair at the end of the week… There is a ‘dig’ at some woods near us which I would like to go too… The Botanic Gardens have a hard hat tour of the newly restored bit on the Tuesday…My oldest daughter is going up to…[Read more]

    • gertie replied 1 day ago

      Hi Ginny :-) Allan said there’d been snow in Wales. I hope you can get to the Dig. Used to love seeing them working on those in the woods when I was a child. Sounds like a fun [if full on ]week foryou if the snow allows. Enjoy :good:
      Nightnight :love: :rose:

    • Morning Ginny, goodness you have been, and are going to be, very busy! Hope you get to the dig, they are fascinating and I’d love to do one. :good: Enjoy yourself on all your various visits. :rose:

    • Morning Ginny :-) A very full diary for you but it all sounds good :good: I agree completely about snow – fortunately we don’t get much of it by the sea on the east coast. Have a good week before your leave :-)

  • Love the colours of Autumn… I have a lovely red maple and there is a Golden tree at the bottom of our road… I still have some flowers out… a pink Fuschia and a mauve Hebe.. some Cyclamen and a purple […]

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  • Well Thankyou…. I didn’t expect that… How about ‘Wild Weather’ as the November subject… as we have been getting so much of it lately….

  • Ginnybean posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Well it certainly has turned colder now…. My youngest daughter has been climbing up Snowdon today.. The other one is in Cornwall with the 3 kids… They are enjoying despite the rain… I have put a path across the front garden so that my feet don’t get wet every time I top up the bird feeders…. The slabs were found when I cleared the area in…[Read more]

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    Been busy today… Cleared the path infront of the greenhouse so I don’t break my neck going in it.. Also to clear the drain from the bath as so much rubbish there the water wasn’t draining away very quickly… Then tackled cleaning the actual greenhouse, now that I can get in there…. Working tonight so had to stop to get some rest before I go…[Read more]

    • It’s all GO ennit Ginny. ;-) Please remind me … what is your job that you have to work at night?
      Glad Himself is getting better; and bravo on reminding him re the tablets…I need a little fairy on my shoulder to remind me sometimes!!! :lol: HAGE :rose:

    • Morning Ginny and Anne :-) Have a good day both!

      • Good morning Jane :high-five:
        Thank you :-) the decorator is here and the sun is shining … looks promising :good:
        enjoy your day in the lovely autumnal countryside too :good: :rose:

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    I put fresh food out for my birds ( they been empty for a couple of days due to me working and the weather)… I was rewarded by 8-10 Long Tailed tits, a couple of Blue tits and the usual Sparrows and Starlings all desended around the feeders… What a joy to watch… I have never seen the long tailed tit here, they are at my daughters as it is m…[Read more]

    • Morning Ginny, the long tailed tits are gorgeous, a party of them visit our garden fairly regularly. :cool:

      • cilla replied 1 month ago

        Hi Ginny. How lovely for you. They haven’t been here yet but a bullfinch appeared yesterday which is a treat.

    • Morning Ginny :-) One of my faves is the long-tailed tit – lucky you :good:

  • Number 4….

  • Number 3…

  • Hopefully pictures 2,3 and 4….

  • Long time since I tried to put a pic on and lap top keeps loosing signal, so fingers crossed…. Should be a picture of a circular ripple under the trees…

  • Ginnybean posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hubby is home tonight with anti-biotics… Got to go back on Friday… Fortunatly I am off work so I can take him… Both the Daughters are working on Friday… He will have to manage tomorrow as I am working 8-4…. Think I will have to write the instructions and times of tablets, and I had better feed the dogs before I go to work….. No luck…[Read more]

  • Ginnybean posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Well quite an eventful couple of weekends …. We went to the steam rally at pembrey and my 14yr old Grandson argued with his girlfriend and took off into the woods and got lost… Had the police and all the rangers out looking for him… Found him after about 4 hours by which time it was getting dark and the rain had come… He was ok and we were a…[Read more]

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    Well what terrible weather we are having at the moment…. I am back in work but in a different house… Got to visit a few of the open gardens and the Botanical Gardens and Aberglasney while I was off so time not wasted…I chose to reduce my hours so do 1 less day a week {only 4 days a week now}. When they reduced my hours by half I was in 5…[Read more]

    • Morning Ginny, good to see you again. The 4 days seems a lot better as at least you get a full day off. :good: My own front garden sounds a lot like yours. :lol: Enjoy your day. :-)

      • Morning Ginny. 4 days sounds better for you……my front garden is also ready for an overhaul :lol: We can all compare notes in the spring !!!

    • Hallo Ginny :high-five: Congrats on the work front :good:
      It’s lovely to ‘see’ you again :-) Hope you enjoy the new work regime :rose:

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    Well didn’t get to the Royal Welsh on the Monday as by the time we had dropped of the Granddaughter of it had gone1pm so we went for a trip of to the Elan Valley… Took some great pics… Went to the show on the Wednesday and had a good day… Met up with the Daughter and Granddaughter… Didn’t get to see the Horticultural tent though… stared…[Read more]

    • Morning Ginny. I expect you saw lots of my favourite Red Kites in the Elan Valley, beautiful place. It sounds like you’ve enjoyed yourself but a shame about missing the produce.

    • Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves even if you did miss the tent Ginny. Enjoy your dog & pony sitting and stay dry! :-)

    • Hello Ginny :-) sounds like you’re having fun – hope you don’t get the expected horrid weather. Sometimes it’s a good idea to start the wrong way round :lol:

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    Going up to the Royal Welsh tomorrow/today…cant sleep tonight… taking one of Granddaughters up as she is competing later in the day… Feel a bit guilty going as is also the oldest Grandsons birthday, and we usually are there for him… We will have to make it up to him on Tuesday… Booked to go to Malvern , will soon be here… Not got to…[Read more]

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    Thankyou for your comments.. Enjoyed today with oldest Grandson and hubby to watch the MGA horses world games in Carmarthen.. Had Chinese when got home…

  • Ginnybean posted an update 4 months ago

    Well work has decided I need to go on the sick despite me telling them I am fine….. After my flare up in May which cleared up quickly I had a reaction to my tablets which affected my neck and shoulders.. stopped the tablets and problem solved… Other people were telling the boss of the problems the odd days discomfort and despite me trying to…[Read more]

    • Morning Ginny, every cloud has a silver lining :good:
      Not sure what your Dr can do apart from issue a sick note, as your boss sent you home, very unusual as most bosses don’t usually get that involved, unless the illness or accident was done or caused by work!! you self certify for the first week, or has that changed?
      I’d just go with the flow…[Read more]

    • Goodness that is strange Ginny, a boss encouraging sick leave! As Lynn says just go with the flow. :good: Hope it works out the way you want. :rose:

    • Hello Ginny :-) Does sound strange but make the most of it and enjoy the local Arts Trail when it’s on :-)

      • Morning Ginny, strange indeed but I agree with the others, make the most of your time off :-)

    • I can understand why you feel miffed Ginny, but as the others said, enjoy the work break and good luck with all the surrounding shenanigans involving pay etc. and have a happy holiday :good: :rose:

  • Sunlight through the trees… hopefully….

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    Number 4…..

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