• A Robin That posed for me before Christmas…. Hope they visit me for the Birdwatch…

  • A Worms eye view of a log….

  • Grass… 1st attempt…

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    I was just reading about Orchids on here and was given one Yesterday in flower at the moment… I was wondering what to do with it so post has helped me…At the moment it is in a very small clear pot and looks very dry… I have put in the Bathroom window for now…. Not much luck with ‘House plants’ at the moment.. I have a Christmas Cacti…[Read more]

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    Some time since I have posted… Birds are still being greedy with the fat balls in the garden….We had a Wren in the house the other day…Had to leave the widows and back door open so that it could get out when we were away for a couple of hours…. No sign of it since so presume it left….. Oldest Daughter has been in Hospital a couple of…[Read more]

    • Hi Ginny. Nice to see you again. I’m glad your daughter is okay, it must have been scary for her. Good news on a vaccine for you too. I like the sound of your photography group and look forward to seeing the photos. Christmas is just another day here so shall look forward to the spring. Enjoy yours :-) :fairysaysouch: :oldnosey:
      • Morning Ginny :-) Good to hear from you and it will be nice to see some of your photos, especially if you can enter the photo competitions :-) Hope your daughter is ok and you’re all keeping safe :-)
        • Hallo Ginny :high-five: It was nice to see you around last night :good: I hope that you and your daughter stay well and safe. Photography group sounds good :good: :rose:
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          We have a little bit of sunshine at the moment… Birds are busy on the feeders… My little pond seems to be getting a bit of life in it… there was a Newt in there last week… Yesterday I found a frog in there…and a little fish… no sign of my newt.. Hope it will return…I still have to make my new gate and archway…Going on a photography…[Read more]

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          Tried to put more photos up from my walk…
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            Enjoyed my walk today… Took loads of photos… As it was a RSPB site we all expected to see plenty of birds but I only managed to get a pic of a Grey Wagtail… Saw a Jay and heard the robins and great tits… Stopped at the pub for a bite to eat after…. Missed last weeks walk due to a young Sparrow getting stuck in our Oil Boiler Chimney……[Read more]

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            My Annual Leave went quite well .. As places were opening again, visited the Botanic Garden and Aberglasney…. My oldest daughter and Grandson were away the 1st week so i was at her place looking after the other 2 boys ,cats ,kittens and dog.. also popping home to check Hubby was ok… I have a newt living in my little pond and have moved some…[Read more]

            • :lol: Oh that rings bells Ginny. your Annual Leave sounds very productive :-) Enjoy the photography tomorrow … Nightnight :rose:
              • Morning Ginny :-) Sounds like you’re having great fun! Have a good day :-)
                • Morning Ginny. Those Botanic Gardens are lovely, we went a few years ago. You have been busy looking after humans and furry things!!! I like walking on my own so I can stop and take photos ;-) Enjoy the sunshine. :notacloudinsight:
                  • Morning Ginny, you’ve had a busy time, but sounds like you have had fun as well, which is always a plus. Time to take photos is always good. :good: Enjoy your day today. :-)
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                    The 2 mother cats are sisters and seem to be sharing looking after the kittens… She is planning on keeping one.. Her Son who has moved in with his girl wants one… The girl that she had them from wants one… I hope the cats get the op before they get caught again otherwise they will be over run with cats…
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                      Where has the sun gone…. I have moved my bird feeder to the other side of the garden away from the bushes the cat was hiding under… The good thing is that I can see them better…..I am hoping when the rain stops to build an archway at the top of the garden… The roses on either side of the gateway are reaching across the gate trying to swap…[Read more]

                      • Morning Ginny, it’s always nice to be able to watch the birds, and much better keeping them further out of the cat’s way! Blimey 12 cats at one time, that’s a handful,…

                          [Read more]

                          • The 2 mother cats are sisters and seem to be sharing looking after the kittens… She is planning on keeping one.. Her Son who has moved in with his girl wants one… The girl that she had them from wants one… I hope the cats get the op before they get caught again otherwise they will be over run with cats…
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                          Well I managed to get some time in the garden during my week off….. At least I didn’t need to water out side… When it was too wet I went up to my back bedroom!! to sort through the boxes that have been put there over the years…. I can actually walk across the room now… At least 5 bags of rubbish… Still a bit more to do up there… My…[Read more]

                          • Morning Ginny, think we are all getting a lot of “clearing out” done in these strange times. ;-) Your garden sounds like it is doing really well, but hope the dogs do leave you some fruit. :lol: What do they go for it when it is still not ripe! Good luck at work today and stay safe. :-)
                            • Morning Ginny :-) Wow, you’re busy!!
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                              We finally have some rain… I managed to plant up my last bits … and sowed some seeds… all started growing nicely… Looked in this morning to see 3 SLUGS munching on my seedlings and shoots …. I have been given annual leave next week and what weather do I get …RAIN…. I can experience being on lockdown and not go anywhere apart for ess…[Read more]

                              • Morning Ginny. It should warm up middle of next week so fingers crossed for you. I still have things to plant but the ground is like iron. Enjoy your leave :-)
                                • Morning Ginny, what a pain getting leave when the weather has turned. :-( Though I did see on one forecast that it was due to improve during the week? So fingers crossed for you. Nice to get a break though, so enjoy it. :-)
                                  • Morning Ginny :-) Hope you get dry weather next week :fingers-crossed: Yep the slugs will wake up now – I must check my lettuce in a minute. Have a good week :notacloudinsight:
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                                    What a lot of wind…. My little windmill blew apart and scattered itself around the front garden…As I was worried it might blow across the road I was checking every so often… Not often enough!!! A Hedgehog had got into the new little pond and drowned !!! I have never seen any hedgehogs around and its only a postage stamp of a garden… Pond…[Read more]

                                    • Hi Ginny … how sad, I am so sorry for you [and the hog] :disappointed: It’s a warning to us all I guess tho’. I shall certainly check Tiny Pond regularly now, just in case :-)
                                      Have a peaceful weekend … don’t worry; be happy; stay safe :rose:

                                    • Morning Ginny :-) That’s a sad story. A pond is supposed to improve the garden for the wildlife.

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                                    I have been busy planting up most of the plants I have bought and not found room for over the years…. I counted at least 10 Quince on my small tree which I originally bought from ‘home’. I just hope the dog doesn’t try and eat them before they are ready this year… I took a photo of some so I can say later ‘they were there’ I have lots of bees…[Read more]

                                    • Snap on the bees :lol:
                                      Nightnight Ginny :rose:

                                    • Sounds good, Ginny :good:

                                      • Morning Ginny. It’s great to get stuff planted isn’t it? Loads of bees here too, they love all this sunshine.

                                    • Morning Ginny, think we are all slowing getting caught up on all the things we haven’t got round to in years! :lol: Lots of bees here to, which is great. Have a good day. :-)

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