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    Well my’ pond’ has dryed up though it is damp at the very bottom… My front garden still looks green as it is normally so wet…The back has needed watering to keep it green… My lilliy’s in the greenhouse are out… Smelling gorgeous…Had a drop of rain today which saved me watering but not sure how long the moisture will last… Looking…[Read more]

    • Hi Ginny. It sounds as if you are having some fun outings. Enjoy the Royal Welsh. You’ve had more rain than us, we haven’t had any for weeks….and weeks…..and weeks :-(

    • A drop of rain? You’re one lucky lady, Ginny ;-)

    • Practically everyone here will be deeply envious of your rain, Ginny – I am absolutely sick of the sight of my hose and watering cans. What with rain and grandchildren and gardens, it sounds like your life is pretty sweet just now. Enjoy!

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    What a great place to visit… Love the pics….

  • Ginnybean posted an update 7 months ago

    Couldn’t sleep so I thought I would pop on here and see what’s been going on…Got work tomorrow morning… Cant find any glasses so squinting at the keyboard to type… Rain today so nothing done in the garden…. I have dug a little pond in the front garden the other week…. Was going to put a fiberglass liner in but when I moved a couple of…[Read more]

    • Good morning Ginny, lovely to have you back. I love the sound of your pond, is there an underground spring? It will be exciting to watch its progress. :-)

    • Hello Ginnybean :-) brilliant to have a natural pond in your garden and I bet that frog was happy :good: You should put some picture on ;-)

    • This all sounds potentially terrific, Ginny. I am full of regret that I didn’t have the foresight to make a pond when I came here, if only to encourage the frog population, and decrease the slugs. But you will get more than that from a pond – which can alter the mood in a garden quite considerably, can’t it?

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    Not been on for a while and was worried when I saw the tiny log in box. but the log in worked fine……Not got my glasses on… disappeared… so hard work anyway…… Good luck with the re-vamp… I will go and […]

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    hope this works… 3rd time lucky… my computer has changed the way it displays photos so fingers crossed….

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    I always have that problem too Nodding of watching TV then wide awake when gone upstairs …Seem to watch every hour then….

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    Sunshine and Showers … Was planning on going round the Botanic Gardens today but had to go to youngest daughters as had the Vet coming to her horse… Then oldest wanted us to pick up her new tumble dryer and vacum cleaner after so by the time we had delivered those it had started to rain again… His Jeep gone wrong again so good thing for him…[Read more]

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    Hope you all had a good Christmas….I was back in work today, had another Christmas dinner already prepared… Yesterday was spent at my oldest Daughters and her 4 boys…. Busy day ,no arguments which helps… Went up the garden on Christmas morning to admire my Hebe which is in full flower and my shrub Honeysuckle has come into flower……[Read more]

    • gertie replied 1 year ago

      It’s been a long, and colourful Autumn-to-Winter run hasn’t it Ginny? I have Hellebores flowering and there was a bumble bee buzzing around the Lornicera blossom this morning! :rose:

    • Nice to see you Ginnybean! Now we all want spring :good:

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    Caught it in work as the lady I look after had one and has shared it … Its on the mend now… Other half has it now… Dosing him up well tonight so he dosn’t have an excuse not to go tomorrow…

  • Ginnybean posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Typical , I have a week off and have a cold… We went to Picton Castle Pembrokeshire last weekend to a Victorian Christmas Festival and wandered round the gardens as well… They are raising money to restore the Walled Garden with a potting shed and the old frames/Glasshouse, and the walls themselves… Took the Grankids as well… Loved walking…[Read more]

    • Sorry about your cold Ginny but glad you enjoyed your day out. Enjoy Builth :-)

      • Caught it in work as the lady I look after had one and has shared it … Its on the mend now… Other half has it now… Dosing him up well tonight so he dosn’t have an excuse not to go tomorrow…

  • Ginnybean posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    My dog hates the fireworks… I am working all day tomorrow.8-8 so Hubby is on dog comfort duty… I am hoping the weather stays dry for Monday/Tuesday as I am off and can make a start in tidying the garden… I suppose if it does rain I can sort out my kitchen cupboard as it is overdue..

    • Good luck with the garden, Ginny – I was full of optimism yesterday about clearing the garden, but frequent showers did for that idea… KItchen cupboard clearing is not a bad idea either – I can chuck out all the “stuff” I thought was a good idea at the time, but never used, and all the half-used stuff that’s out of date. Good luck!

  • Love your pics…. I also am planning to clear my Honeysuckle as it has taken over, the clematis is still flowering well and through the honeysuckle so I will wait until the weather upsets it before I attack that […]

  • Ginnybean posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    My Autistic Grand son has decided he likes to walk around Gnoll park in Neath almost every day… Love walking round there myself so it is good to share the park with him…Taken some lovely photos as well with fungi and autumn leaves…

    • How lovely that he is interested in walking Ginny, maybe a way into getting him interested in nature and gardening. :good:

      • Think it’s lovely that you can share this with him – even just quietly walking beside him builds a bond. Both my grandchildren are being/have been raised at a great distance, and this kind of bond is not really possible. And it’s building a good health habit which will contribute to your grandson’s wellbeing for the rest of his life. Think that…[Read more]

    • Lovely, Ginny :-) Hope you put some of your nice pics in the October photo competition!

    • That does sound lovely Ginny :love: :good: How old is your Grand son?HALD and enjoy your walks and the Nature too :good: :rose:

  • Ginnybean posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Well had a great day at Malvern…. Bought Loads of plants and some cakes that were being sold off at the end of the day…. Not sure where to put them…Nothing new there…. Gives me an excuse to clear a space in the garden … Have some plants that have taken over a bit so they can be reduced…..Got Grankids tomorrow so won’t get done then..

  • I always make sure when clipping box or any hedge to pick up/off any clippings off the hedge as can cause die back if left on the hedge… I hope your hedge recovers.. there seem to be a few green patches which look healthy…

  • Ginnybean posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hoping the weather is ok for the weekend… Pembrey steam fair on Saturday and Malvern on the Sunday… Got free tickets for Malvern from a neighbour….

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    Went on a garden visit earlier in the year and saw these… They kept moving too fast for me to get a tidy pic Lovely…

  • Ginnybean posted a new activity comment 1 year, 4 months ago

    Been busy planting up the plants I bought at a plant stall we visited last weekend…. Had to clear a space for them 1st so 2 jobs done realy…

    • Nice one :good: I got into G’sG Jungle only long enough to sort out the composter … it rained on and off most of the day … cool and end-of-Summerish out there now :-( :rose:

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    Wow… What a great spider…

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    Was at my Daughters today and saw she has been reading the Call the Midwife books… Loved the series and was browsing her books… The Lovely Lane series sound equally good…. Read quite a lot nowadays so will keep my eyes open…………

    • I am way behind with my reading … got a pile waiting to dip into, but no novels as such yet. The ‘Call the Midwife’ sounds interesting tho’.I used to go with my Auntie Maisie in her Morris Minor, and open and close field gates for her along the farm tracks. She was a Midwife in Ware, Hertfordshire, and was called out all over the place. :rose:

    • How interesting, Anne and good to see you like reading, Ginny. If you want to recommend anything, use the Forum and it won’t get lost!

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