• Ginnybean posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Well my’ pond’ has dryed up though it is damp at the very bottom… My front garden still looks green as it is normally so wet…The back has needed watering to keep it green… My lilliy’s in the greenhouse are out… Smelling gorgeous…Had a drop of rain today which saved me watering but not sure how long the moisture will last… Looking forward to the Royal Welsh in a couple of weeks…. Grandsons 21st birthday on 22nd ….Still trying to work out what to do to make it special… Been round some open garden weekend events…. Took young Ethan with us.. His favorite was one with a railway going round it…. Inspiring him to get his up and running again…. Other half says time to switch off PC so signing off now….

    • Hi Ginny. It sounds as if you are having some fun outings. Enjoy the Royal Welsh. You’ve had more rain than us, we haven’t had any for weeks….and weeks…..and weeks :-(

    • A drop of rain? You’re one lucky lady, Ginny ;-)

    • Practically everyone here will be deeply envious of your rain, Ginny – I am absolutely sick of the sight of my hose and watering cans. What with rain and grandchildren and gardens, it sounds like your life is pretty sweet just now. Enjoy!