• Ginnybean posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Hoping to go to the Spring show at Builth this Saturday and the open garden at Glanusk on Sunday… Daughter going up to London so will be taking Grandkids…. Hope weather is ok…. Got to have the brakes on my car done before then and still get to work Thurs and Fri… O.H car needs its MOT done as well…. Don’t get paid till Monday…. If costs too much won’t be able to buy much at show, but that may be a good thing I s’pose…. Not got room for more realy…

    • Morning Ginny, you were up early, or very late. ;-) Lovely to be getting to the show and an open garden, so I hope the weather holds up for you- and the cars don’t cost the earth! Enjoy yourself. :-)

      • Cars sorted and not too expensive….. The weather was good… Managed to not buy any plants but got some nail clippers that work on Hubbys nails…..

    • Morning Ginny :-) hope you enjoy the show and garden :notacloudinsight: