• Ginnybean posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I hope you are all well… I saw an Orange Tip Butterfly today when we were doing the animals… The Bluebells are coming out… Wild Strawberries are out ,even found 1 small ripe strawberry…. Not done much in the garden but have an incentive to do the front as the street are planning a VE day Garden Party… everyone sitting in their own garden with some cake ,wine and bunting.. observing the Social Distancing… All my holiday has been cancelled but as it was booked to go to various events… which have been cancelled… Was looking forward to the various shows and events… No gardens to go around… I am so glad we went to the one in Feb as I have some great plants to place…. not even any Gardening Club…. It will be strange when we get back to ‘normal’

    • Morning Ginny. Our village are having the same VE celebrations too. Tea, cake and bunting in the front gardens and 40’s dress if possible :lol: We are all missing our hols and garden centre visiting. Take care and stay safe :-)

    • Morning Ginny & Cilla, what a great idea on the VE day celebrations, you’ll both have to take photos!

    • Morning Ginny :-) Good to have that party to look forward to :good: Excellent on the orange tip and my bluebells are coming out too. Stay safe :-)