• Ginnybean posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Well I have made a start on the front garden…. Rain today so no need to water …..I have had a couple of mornings when I found a moth in the dogs water bowl… thought they had drowned but when I scooped them up they moved so were put on the wall to dry off..They stayed there all day but had gone the following morning… I had a Brimstone moth and I think the other was a Goat moth…. My Honeysuckle is coming out now and fills the air with its perfume.. My Quince has been covered in blossom this year so I am hoping for more than 1 Quince.. Both my Magnolia’s flowered well this year… I have a few Cowslips come up this year… I still have some planting to do in the front garden which I may do tomorrow if its not too wet… although I do have my spare room to sort through .. a job that keeps getting put off…. Not being able to go out anywhere ,visiting gardens means I should get some of the jobs around here done now…

    • Morning Ginny, sounds like your garden is doing really well. :good: and thank goodness for our gardens. Think we are all the same with indoor jobs getting put off, the weather has just been too good, so we’ve all been outside. ;-) Have a good day today. :-)

      • Morning Ginny. Spring is such an exciting time in the garden and yours sounds lovely. Do the spare room while it rains then you can go out to play again :-)

    • Well done, Ginny! Sounds like things are coming along really well. Have a good day :-)

    • Hi Ginny :-) Bravo on saving the moths :good:
      I noticed too, the scent in the Spring air… here it is likely the Bluebells.
      Good luck with the spare room … you will need it to find the time… freedom fills it very quickly :lol: :rose: