• Ginnybean posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I have been busy planting up most of the plants I have bought and not found room for over the years…. I counted at least 10 Quince on my small tree which I originally bought from ‘home’. I just hope the dog doesn’t try and eat them before they are ready this year… I took a photo of some so I can say later ‘they were there’ I have lots of bees buzzing around in the garden…I have lots of Blackcurrants coming and the Raspberries are buzzing … the only trouble id the Dogs will eat them as soon as they ripen…. This time next year my garden should look amazing… I am looking forward to seeing my new Hellebores in flower….Next door has a nest box with a family of Blue Tits nesting in it… Well its getting late now and Mr is saying turn off so I will sign off now..