• Ginnybean posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    What a lot of wind…. My little windmill blew apart and scattered itself around the front garden…As I was worried it might blow across the road I was checking every so often… Not often enough!!! A Hedgehog had got into the new little pond and drowned !!! I have never seen any hedgehogs around and its only a postage stamp of a garden… Pond has now been covered just incase any relatives turn up… It was an adult male… So sad… I will have to make some adjustments to the pond so nothing else comes to any harm… I know there are frogs/toads there as they hop away when I was clearing the rubbish .. Young ones usually… I am working this weekend so will have to wait till Monday to make it a wildlife friendly pond….

    • Hi Ginny … how sad, I am so sorry for you [and the hog] :disappointed: It’s a warning to us all I guess tho’. I shall certainly check Tiny Pond regularly now, just in case :-)
      Have a peaceful weekend … don’t worry; be happy; stay safe :rose:

    • Morning Ginny :-) That’s a sad story. A pond is supposed to improve the garden for the wildlife.