• Ginnybean posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    We finally have some rain… I managed to plant up my last bits … and sowed some seeds… all started growing nicely… Looked in this morning to see 3 SLUGS munching on my seedlings and shoots …. I have been given annual leave next week and what weather do I get …RAIN…. I can experience being on lockdown and not go anywhere apart for essential journeys… Working still means the only difference for me has been not being able to see the Grandchildren!! Hubby doesn’t really go anywhere normally apart from going to do his horses… Hope you are all well….

    • Morning Ginny. It should warm up middle of next week so fingers crossed for you. I still have things to plant but the ground is like iron. Enjoy your leave :-)
      • Morning Ginny, what a pain getting leave when the weather has turned. :-( Though I did see on one forecast that it was due to improve during the week? So fingers crossed for you. Nice to get a break though, so enjoy it. :-)
        • Morning Ginny :-) Hope you get dry weather next week :fingers-crossed: Yep the slugs will wake up now – I must check my lettuce in a minute. Have a good week :notacloudinsight: