• Ginnybean posted an update 3 months ago

    Well I managed to get some time in the garden during my week off….. At least I didn’t need to water out side… When it was too wet I went up to my back bedroom!! to sort through the boxes that have been put there over the years…. I can actually walk across the room now… At least 5 bags of rubbish… Still a bit more to do up there… My Blackcurrants and Raspberries are colouring now and I had a lovely handful of ripe raspberries… Yummy.. I thought I may as well eat them as the dogs are eating them ,ripe or not… and the Blackcurrants… I try to tell them they taste much nicer when they are ripe…I still have about 10 Quince which I hope the dogs leave alone…. Last year they ate the only fruit that I had when it was only half grown… Next doors Blue tits have flown the nest and often visit my feeders… Today when I came home I saw a tabby cat go under the bushes under the feeders… It was still there when I looked later… Very well hidden… I was going to top up the feeders but with cat there I wouldn’t…. I am in work all day tomorrow so I am hoping cat choses not to eat my birds… My Hebe is in full flower at the moment and the Bees and Butterflies are keeping busy…

    • Morning Ginny, think we are all getting a lot of “clearing out” done in these strange times. ;-) Your garden sounds like it is doing really well, but hope the dogs do leave you some fruit. :lol: What do they go for it when it is still not ripe! Good luck at work today and stay safe. :-)
      • Morning Ginny :-) Wow, you’re busy!!
          • Morning Ginny. A busy week indeed for you. Those naughty dogs and cats ;-)