• Ginnybean posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    My Annual Leave went quite well .. As places were opening again, visited the Botanic Garden and Aberglasney…. My oldest daughter and Grandson were away the 1st week so i was at her place looking after the other 2 boys ,cats ,kittens and dog.. also popping home to check Hubby was ok… I have a newt living in my little pond and have moved some snails from my bigger pond at the back into the little pond…They cleared the water very quickly….. I made some jam with my Blackcurrants so dogs not had them all… there are still some left for them… I have 3 Quince left on the tree which are hopefully too high for my dog to reach… He is quite clever, using things to climb onto to get places… I havn’t got round to building my archway yet… Got things in place ready… I also need to trim the front garden… I saw a frog today when i was trimming the grass and topping up the bird feeders… Fat balls are their favorite…..I filled the container this morning and they had nearly finished them tonight… I am going on a walk tomorrow with the Photography group…. Means I can take photos without being told to keep up….

    • :lol: Oh that rings bells Ginny. your Annual Leave sounds very productive :-) Enjoy the photography tomorrow … Nightnight :rose:
      • Morning Ginny :-) Sounds like you’re having great fun! Have a good day :-)
        • Morning Ginny. Those Botanic Gardens are lovely, we went a few years ago. You have been busy looking after humans and furry things!!! I like walking on my own so I can stop and take photos ;-) Enjoy the sunshine. :notacloudinsight:
          • Morning Ginny, you’ve had a busy time, but sounds like you have had fun as well, which is always a plus. Time to take photos is always good. :good: Enjoy your day today. :-)