• Ginnybean posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Enjoyed my walk today… Took loads of photos… As it was a RSPB site we all expected to see plenty of birds but I only managed to get a pic of a Grey Wagtail… Saw a Jay and heard the robins and great tits… Stopped at the pub for a bite to eat after…. Missed last weeks walk due to a young Sparrow getting stuck in our Oil Boiler Chimney… Got it out and it hopped around the garden for a couple of days but it sadly died….. I saw a frog in my front garden yesterday…. My Beagle went to the Vet on Friday as although he was eating he didnt seem to be as energetic as usual, and his tail was ‘upside down’… When we got there he made me look a fraud as was wagging his tail and full of energy… Come bedtime said he couldn’t get up the stairs so i slept on the couch… Next morning he went upstairs… Playing games with me I think… Seems fine now… Back to jumping up where he shouldn’t be ,and trying to eat anything he shouldn’t…. Back to work tomorrow…. so early night i suppose….