• SIMONDO posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Seems as though looking back past the clicks shown on the first page is just not working right. Jumps back to 5 days ago when asking to “LoadMore” tonight, missing all that came before it.
    Answered some clicks to @beanstew and @vegvamp with in that time notifications ,but im not sure if they work ok ether.

    • Morning Simondo, you on a Mac & Safari? Would you refresh the page and let me know please MC? Ta. :rose:

      • Re fresh , house keeping , different browser..Saf and Opera…all the same MC

        • Rats, can’t replicate the “load more” problem at all. Will have another nosey. :cool:

          • At least I can log out ok now ;-)

          • Hmmmm, can you try quitting out of Safari completely MC, rather than just closing it and then try “Load more” again please. It seems to work ok the first time you hit it and then skips to the next set – increasing each time. Quitting resets it, so must be something todo with the temporary cookies on the site.