• SIMONDO posted an update 5 months ago

    Often at this time of yr I remake the connection to one of my all time admired groups and individuals . Man I “wish i was there” ( yea thats a Pink floyd Joke don’t you know !!).
    Take something , or nothing from the lyrics ….,enjoy or not , down to you :cool:

    • Saw them in my youth at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, Simondo ;-)

      • Just a “LITTLE” …envious Jane !!!!

        • I do like them but much to my OH’s disgust, at that time a friend and I went to get tickets for Elton John or someone similar – that concert was sold out and we just took the last 2 tickets for Pink Floyd! What a waste, some might say ;-)

    • :good: Good one Simondo, Love Pink Floyd. :cool:

      • Perfectly Flawed !…as with most brilliance ! Mc

        • :lol: :good:

          • That’s the cd that I have in the car now Si, :good:

            • Never had you pegged as a Floyd fan Al !! I have the dvd of the Albert Hall performance …There will be VOLUME involved ;-)

            • I’ve got all their LPs Si. Used to chill out with them and fleetwood mac,years ago.

            • Funny I should say that,Just got home from the club, too have Stevie Nicks blasting out Little lies. On BBC4 HD.