A Riddlers Tale (Or Where There’s Muck There’s Money)

Today I spent my second full day trying to dig the first raised bed and riddling it to get the slate, weeds and roots out.
As I am riddling I am separating the slate and the weeds into separate piles and trying to keep as much of the little soil that is left there.

I don’t always wear gloves when gardening, but today I realised just how important it is to wear them.
After 30 plus shards of glass were spotted and removed I was glad I was wearing them, but as I was trying to break up some of the soil in the riddle I got this horrid disgusting whiff and realised that something had left a disgusting smelly poo in the soil…..Yuck!

After removing the offending object I quickly binned the gloves scrubbed my hands and a new pair of gloves was quickly put on.

As well as the afore mentioned items I dug up what looks like a very old chain….possibly from an overhead cistern (aren’t I the lucky one) as well as tree roots and loads and loads of broken bits of crockery….. Am I the only Nutter that keeps the broken crockery to one side just to see if there are enough pieces to try and identify what object it might have been from?

Anyway, after 7 hours of riddling I was getting pretty hot and tired, my elbows and shoulder blades were screaming at me to stop and I was just about to call it a day when something caught my eye as it glinted in the soil, I picked it up and cleaned it, and realised it was a nice shiny 1946 sixpence.

Not much of a reward for so much digging and riddling, but it did take me back to being a wee lass and me getting my pocket money on a Friday evening which would always contain a few sixpenny pieces and it also made me wonder how long it had been buried in the garden, it was in almost perfect condition so I doubt that it spent much time in circulation.

Now I know where the saying ‘where there is muck there is money’ comes from….. all be it in my case of very small value, but none the less its a little something to add to the old memory bank and who knows what the next 3 raised beds might hold…… I know its going to contain loads more slate but as long as there is no more smelly stuff I don’t mind.

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  1. Allan says:

    I had all the coloured slate for my fishpond from up your way Ali, Its everywhere, I know the feeling with that glint from the soil. When I go metal detecting, That’s the one thing that gets the adrenaline flowing. Earliest I found was a Liz the first sixpence.

  2. gertie says:

    What a lovely story Alison :rose: I could almost feel your hot, aching limbs in the sunshine…seven hours … you deserve that sixpence! :lol: … and no, you are not the only one who keeps all the bits of china :lol:
    Please have a rest tomorrow, and bravo that gal :good: :yahoo: :rose:

  3. Allan says:

    Same here ,When I go detecting along the A48, Which is a Roman road I find loads of different pottery of all ages, I keep it all. :yes:

  4. Yewbarrow says:

    great story Alison and I remember when 6d (sixpence for those younger than me) would buy a heck of a lot of sweets – blackjacks were two for a penny and flying saucers were two for a penny – hope you have had a good rest before you start back again – it will be worth it

  5. VegVamp says:

    Grief Ali, you are a glutton for punishment. :whistle: Well done on all your hard work, but do take it steady. What a great find with the sixpence too, haven’t seen one of those for a long time. A great read – well, apart from the poo, ;-) thank you. :rose:

    • AliCat says:

      High Karen, yes I am a glutton for punishment :wacko:
      The raised beds will seem simple in comparison to the digging that will need to be done when we go for the poly-tunnel, now that’s going to be some serious graft, I will have to make sure I have 3 Weetabix when that starts ;-)

  6. I felt for you with the glass, Ali as the house on the main road (built in front of ours) was built on the village’s original pub car park and we have a small border which is full of glass but no poo, thankfully!
    Take care out there but enjoy the other hidden fortunes :yes:

  7. Gosh 7 hours Ali, you are a glutton for punishment, but it will be worth it and by the time you have finished you might have a small fortune :unsure: :yes: Prior to 1978 our garden had been a builders yard, so as I’m digging the flower bed I keep finding bits of brick, OH wants some hardcore for the drive :lol:

  8. shedsue says:

    & hours Alison…WOW…well done you and I bet you felt good when you had finished :rose: …and for all your hard work…..A sixpenny bit..You could polish it up and make a bracelet :yes: and next time..it might be a roman coin worth miwions ;-)

  9. cilla says:

    Goodness Ali, 7 hours? Just take it steady, don’t want you seizing up. :wacko: I too remember 6d. Can’t wait to hear what is in the other beds!

    When we were in Ireland OH built a wall with the stones in the soil.

    • AliCat says:

      I am going to take a couple of days off now, and just do some easy stuff, we hope to re-use all the slate we find in the garden, as you have seen we have already used some under one of the trees and we have a small wall we want to add to so its all valuable stuff to me, as long as there is no more smelly stuff ;-)

  10. mick1970 says:

    well done ali you have been rewarded :yahoo:

  11. dixon says:

    Well done Alison a tedious job, I never use glass on any of my plots but do find glass from time to time.”…………..beware of Batman. :lol:

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