Gardenclickers Show 2015


Paula has done a wonderful job and produced this great leaflet to advertise our very first GardenClickers “Produce and Pretties” Show. So get your thinking caps on, your produce and pretties sorted and your cameras out. She needs folk to help with judging all the classes so please put your hand up and offer to help by judging one by contacting her via PM. And remember to chose one you don’t want to enter!

The leaflet can be downloaded/printed from here:

Good luck everyone and thank you Paula.

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  1. dandlyon says:

    How do we enter? and when

    • VegVamp says:

      I’m setting up a new user, that everyone can have access to Tony. Just haven’t got round to that yet, sorry. :whistle: I’ll then create a photo Album for each Class and if you want to enter, PM me and I’ll give you the user name and password for the “Show” user. People can then log on and upload directly to the relevant gallery album. That way all the entries will be anonymous. Clickers can “claim” their photos once the judging is over. Does that make sense?

  2. dandlyon says:

    Sure does :good: will get busy with the camera

  3. gertie says:

    Golly that is clever…I’m in awe :whistle: :rose:

  4. VegVamp says:

    New user now up and running, so we’re sorted. :good:

  5. Thanks Karen for sorting this. Hopefully I’ll have some volunteers to judge the classes, otherwise I’ll be nominating folk instead. :whistle: it’s ok to volunteer to judge several classes if you wish.
    Please get behind this and make our virtual garden & Produce show a success. I would propose to have best in each class and ‘best in show’ each for the veg, fruit, flowers and cakes, then overall winner. Is that ok?
    Get clicking on those cameras clickers :lol:

  6. VegVamp says:

    Come on clickers, get snapping and get your entries in for the very first GC show.
    PM me to get the password then all you have to do is make sure you are logged out as yourself, then log on with username GCShowOffs and the password you are given. Go to the “class” album you wish to enter and upload your photo. :yahoo:

    Should have added Paula, Hayley and Allan have the password too if I’m not about.

  7. karenp says:

    Wow what a brilliant idea :good: :yes:

  8. gertie says:

    Karen, please, how many entries per class ? :rose:

  9. VegVamp says:

    Don’t forget to include a ruler or approximate weight to give the judges an idea of scale please. :yes: :rose:

  10. VegVamp says:

    Lots of entries coming in, which is great, but still room for lots more. We are also still short of Judges so PLEASE offer to judge a class (or two!) – send a PM to Paula. With 19 classes it is much easier to spread the load out among lots of different people. :-)

  11. VegVamp says:

    Have asked Paula if we can extend the deadline till the end of the month as a few people are still uploading photos for our Show. So if you haven’t got your entries in yet, do it now!

  12. Afternoon one and all. How about if we have all entries in by midnight 31st August with judging over the next day or so? So keep those entries coming in, and keep picking your fruit and veg and keep baking. :good: thank you for those already entered, keep them coming in.
    I’ve some finalising for the judging, sorry it’s taken so long, work getting in the way of life at the moment. But will sort that out by the morning. ;-) I would anticipate having a ‘best in show’ each for fruit, veg, flowers, baking and macro pictures.

  13. Paula, I’ve had to delay harvesting some stuff cos of visitor – I was hoping we had a bit longer (I hadn’t actually noticed the dates :wacko: ) and I’m sure no one has squash they’ve picked yet!! Aaaagh!!

  14. Hello all,
    I think we have all had a rubbish bank holiday, hope you have all kept warm and dry.

    Thanks to those who have entered our first Produce and Pretties Show, and to our judges and our behind the scenes gurus of Karen and Duncan for their help and support with this. They have done sterling job.
    Judges – what I am suggesting, is a best in each class, and then 5 x ‘best in show’ from the winners of each group of classes. Best in show classes 1-9 veg, 10 and 11 fruit; 13-16 flowers; 17&18 cake; and 19 macro. But not for Class 12.
    So belatedly here is your judging panel. Allan, Walt, Jane and Hayley. @NorthernTeacher, @HayleyAgora, @Ronvalley, @RaggedJack.
    Class 1 Walt; Class 2 Jane; Class 3 Allan; Class 4 Walt; Class 5 Jane; Class 6 Hayley; Class 7 Hayley; Class 8 Jane; Class 9 Hayley.
    Class 10 & Class 11 Walt;
    Class 12 Jane
    Class 13 & Class 14 Allan; Class 15 & Class 16 Jane
    Class 17 & 18 Allan
    Class 19 Allan.
    Once the winners gallery is up and published, please then claim your entry. Could the judges please pm Karen and myself to let us know the entries you have chosen as winners. @vegvamp.
    Thanks again.hope this makes sense
    Paula :rose:

  15. VegVamp says:

    Perfect sense, thank you Paula.

  16. Hayley says:

    Gotcha Paula, well done with the organising, now down to the judging :good: :-)

  17. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, could the judges please liaise with each other to decide who they would feel should be best in show for those groups of classes. @raggedjack; @hayleyagora, @northernteacher; @ronvalley, @vegvamp.
    Karen do you want me to send onto you the list of the results I have to date, of send them in one go?
    Thanks again Paula

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